The Power Of Hydrogen For Your Engine !

Prevents Maintenance On Engine Problems.


Preventive engine cleaning enables you to restore engine parts rather than replacing them, thereby saving vehicle owners on costly parts, such as a new turbocharger ($ 1.350 – 3.100), catalytic converter ($ 600 – 2.000), DPF ($ 600 – 2.000) or EGR valve ($ 370 – 500). Using our unique hydrogen-powered


These problems result mainly from poor combustion, which stifles the engine. So before replacing your engine parts, try Carbon Cleaning. A dirty engine as the result of carbon deposits is the new threat to vehicle performance?.

The Advantages Of Carbon Cleaning

  • Removes carbon deposits from all engines types
  • Restores engine performance and fuel consumption back to normal
  • Prevents wear of expensive engine parts (EGR valve, DPF, spark plug, valves, injectors,etc.)
  • Reduces intermittent acceleration cut-out and engine noise
  • Reduces exhaust fumes
  • Facilitates vehicle inspections for pollution levels (smog test)
  • Increases engine lifespan

Why decarbonizing?

A Clean Engine is a Healthy Engine

Saves fuel

Increases engine life

Restores to peak performance

Reduce pollution

Engines Dirty: Source of all Malfunctions

Carbon Cleaning, an innovative solution to keep your engine clean.

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